We are here to help you! Call us: +91-9009014445

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We are here to help you! Call us: +91-9009014445
We are here to help you! Call us: +91-9009014445


Our vision is to provide treatment of mental health &addiction and also to prepare our patients to become role model to their own family and society.


Our mission is to spread a message that addiction of different harmful substance like alcohol, drug etc.is a disease to which we need to fight and transform our self in a new person.

Why Choose Us?

  • Effective treatment
  • Secure premises
  • Daily availability of physician
  • Minimum relapse rate
  • No physical and mental harresments
  • 24 hour power backup
  • Supportive care tacker
  • Quality service
  • Treatment and care with love and empathy

How we work

First step Detoxification    

As addiction is a physical, emotional, mental and behavioral problem the physical symptoms have to be treated first.  Medical detox is a way to break free from the chemical dependence of drugs and alcohol.

Second step Rehabilitation 

After detox it’s time to dive deeper into what causes addiction.  Addressing these underline issues can help clients gain freedom from addiction for a lifetime. It is 90 days treatment process in which patients go through various psychotherapies to overcome from the disease of addiction.We Provide-

Individual counseling

Group session

Family counseling

Alcoholic Anonymous meeting

Autobiography writing

Vocational Training

Life Skill Trainings and workshops.

Third step Action Plan 

It is almost impossible to overcome addiction on your own, so this step typically involves an effective support by the counselor to make realistic approaches towards core beliefs of the patients which have played role of triggers in his life to be an addict.

Fourth step Relapse Prevention Programme

Relapse is a serious risk, so relapse prevention should be a focus during recovery.  The right training and techniques of our Centre help patients resist cravings and temptations in the years to come. We provide –

Psychiatric follow up


AA members support

Building up family support system

These four steps showcase the route to recovery that can deliver the best chance of lasting sobriety.

Happy Families

Our Team

We have a team of experts at Happy Home Rehab including Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Hypnotherapists, Dietician, Art, and Music Therapist, Yoga teacher and counselors to provide evidence-based services.

Dr. Vijay Niranjan

Neuro psychiatrist

Mr. Praveen Shrivastava

Founder Director &Counselling Psychologist

Mr. Vinod Roz

Founder Director & Addiction Counsellor

Mr. Atul Birla


Dr. Shubhanshu Awasthi

Clinical Psychologist

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Copyright © 2021 by Diginfo. All rights reserved.